CF06 Children of the Internet


We live in the digital noise.


We are the children of the internet.

Outrage addiction.

We are nothing at all.

Experience is copper

in our holy roller empire.

I am abstraction.


We invite your thoughts

to dance

with the quickness.

Gaze. Echo. React.


within your digital ballroom;

your spirit.


House music

The human heart beats with cosmic rhythm.

We become spirit.


Lost in disco space.

I’ve met Rafiki

the sage himself.


We expend an enormous quantity of effort avoiding that which is no good: The Bourgeoisie. After that, we can just ride the tide.


Expression. Our world of digital noise and internet breeds many things settled in many notches of the “good” + “bad” spectrum. The ability to communicate, and freely, is one of the most important aspects of the digital age.


I have been studying addiction. All of us humans are just a bunch of addicts, struggling with the primal desires that kept us alive back in the day. For now, I am still completely and happily addicted to 4/4 ~126 bmp tech house music.


Melodic mass.

Cinematic house.


A good electronic music set is like Star Wars. It is a war between the light and the dark side. Use the force.