CF09 Perception and Reality


We humans need walls to feel safe even if they’d do nothing in times of actual danger.


Cold War classroom and the second amendment

Motorbikes and mountain bikes

Car accidents and shark attack

Terrorism and aircraft carriers

Stories and statistics

Cigarettes and bears

Pathos and logos


“The expectation of evil is more bitter than the suffering of evil itself.”

“The fear of danger is ten thousand times more terrifying than the danger itself.”

_Robinson Crusoe


The introduction to Robinson Crusoe explains exactly the circumstances in which one becomes a nomad. It occurs from within the “upper-middle” station of life. The “upper-middle” class is exactly the ideal station in life being neither “embarrassed with the pride, luxury, or ambition of the upper part of mankind” nor enduring the “miseries, hardships, labor, and sufferings of the lower.” -Daniel Defoe.


To be a lucky person implies that things generally go well for someone. This is not random chance but a combination of the following two things, and therefore to be lucky is only perception.


I. The way the person views each thing that happens to them. The ability to look upon negative circumstances as good makes a person end up more often with good circumstances.

II. A mindset that includes optimism, openness, careful selection, and statistics. Siddhartha explains that he has the ability to do anything because he can think, wait, and fast. This is an outlook that would make him seem lucky. One who chooses to ride motor bikes or drive drunk lessons their chance of being lucky, thanks to statistics.


Statistically, people who win the lottery end up less happy and with less money.

Its the most unlucky thing someone could hope for with luck.


You may, if you choose, elect very carefully what it is you a hanker for by simply exposing your self to it choicely and ritually. First you must make up your mind about what it is you’d like to do, and then you do it.


You may choose your own addictions.

Cigarettes, sex, surf, salt, sugar, coffee.


I wonder about the 60s a lot. I wonder about their influence on our now.

I feel like it either lives on or influences heavily.

Peradventure I am delusional as they were.


Productivity is a weird bitch.

The French know that life is not about productivity.




Perception and reality.